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Check back regularly for information on upcoming auditions!

The Addams Family Cast List

Congratulations to the cast of “The Addams Family: The Musical!” We can’t wait to see this show come to life July 20-23 at The Shoals Theatre! First rehearsal is May 16! All cast are called for the first read through. If your child is under the age of 15, a parental guardian is required. Please be prepared to rehearse at 6 p.m. at THE SHOALS THEATRE.

We will distribute calendars at that time.  Please bring your $35 participation fee to the first meeting. Unless you listed May 16 as a schedule restriction, we expect to see you then! 


Gomez:  Matt Rose


Morticia:  Isabella Robertson 


Wednesday:  Anna Reade 


Pugsley:  Mason Murphy  


Grandma:  Brooklyn Delaney  


Fester:  Jonathan Floyd Grimes 


Lucas:  Lane Davis 


Mal:  Dwayne Murphy


Alice:   Jade Hammer 


Lurch:   Russell Quinn


Thing: Cody Woodfin






Aurora Ludington 


Ceclia Gooch


Cameron Irons


CJ Hamm


Nora Dalrymple


Dottie Tanner 


Stella Walker 


Mary Elizabeth Moore  


Colsey Landes


Madison Rikard


Brooke Cartony


Matthew Lacombe  


Calleigh Hammer  


Phillip Adams  


Sophie Wiggins  


Gabriella Harrell  


Makenzy Boatwright  


Sage Little   


Shannon Jones 


Liam Blasingame  


Mia Awwad   


Natalie Trotter  


Raylee Drake 


Kyndal Kilpatrick 


Ruby Granlund 


Ashley Scheele 


Normal June Haslacker 


Ginger Lewey


Hannah Newton 


Simmie Grace Grimes 


Evie Rose


Lynly Butler 


Mattie Johnson 


Hayden Dixon 


Kathryn Rutherford 


Shawn Alexander 


Shelby Waggoner 


Hope Bonitz 


Alivia Thompson  


Elijah Racz  


Cody Woodfin


Natalie Ledford 


Leilyn Dorton

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Stay Tuned For More Auditions!
addams family.jpg
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