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Auditions For Annie

Annie Auditions

Auditions Held At The Shoals Community Theatre. See Below For More Details.

June 12 & 13 - Ages 6 & Up

June 12 - Annie & Orphans 10am-12pm / Adults 2pm-5pm

June 13th - Open Auditions For All Roles Starting At 2PM

Callbacks Will Be Held On June 14th (If Necessary)

Please Prepare A Song From The Musical And Be Prepared For A Cold Reading From The Script. 

Show Dates Will Be August 5-8, 2021.

For More information Contact Dr. Randy Pettus at 256-710-8822.

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Cast List for "Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical"

April 30 - May 3, 2020

Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde – Zach Cleghorn

Lucy Harris – Macy Ladner

Emma Carew – Larissa Huissen

Gabriel John Utterson – Joey Wright

Sir Danvers Carew – Michael Green

Simon Stride – Adam Thomas

The Bishop Of Basingstoke – Dr. Randy Pettus

Lady Beaconsfield – Jessica Rice

Spider – Hunter Mitchell

General Lord Glossop – Tim Rhodes

Lord Savage – Tyler Hudson

Sir Archibald Proops – Avery Guinn

Sir Theo Davenport – Jonathon Romero

Nellie – Chelsea Hughes

Poole -  Chance Rhodes

Bisset – Scott Long

Ensemble – Tanner King, Lisa Valentine, Grace McDermitt, Lindsey Shotts, Kara Mobley, Amber Rhodes, Laura Keeton, Chelsea Hughes, Nicole Kelly, Brianna Watkins, Julie King, Maggie Franks, Heather Bithell, Amelia Camacho, Raymond Sobczah, Branden Underwood, Eric Hanback, Ashleigh Vickery, Chance Rhodes, Scott Long.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood Cast List

March 19-22, 2020

Robin Hood – Isabella Robertson
Maid Marian – Isabella Pruitt
Little John – Garrett Cunningham
Jill Scarlet – Kyndal Kilpatrick
Friar Tuck – Jack Jones
Alana Dale – Allie Jennings
(Elizabeth) Bold Beth – Brooke Cartony
Much – Hannah Barrett
Queen Eleanor – Brianna Watkins
Sheriff of Nottingham – Jackson Harvey
Luciana – CiCi Gooch
Prince John – Owen Hood
King Richard – Carter Ramos
Lady Diggory – Kimber Boshell
Widow – Shayla Hill
Forrester 1 – Mara Craft
Forrester 2 – Landon McGee
Forrester 3 – Logan Kilpatrick
Forrester 4 – Cooper Hanbery
Lead Puppeteer/Outlaw – Nikki Jones
Puppeteer Narrator/Outlaw – Anna Neall
Young Lady Puppet/Outlaw – Natalie Scruggs
Jester Puppet/Outlaw – Evie Rose
Prince Puppet/Outlaw – Brooklyn Delaney
Sheriff Puppet/Outlaw – Alex Jones
Outlaws – Braylon Sims, Darby Kate Scruggs, Ginger Lewey
Peasants – Adaleah Pruitt, Micah Hannah
Court Dancers/Ladies In Waiting – Ayslee Hill, Haylee Bennett, Molly Abernathy, Grace Ann Newton
Ladies In Waiting – Katie Jaymes Wood, Sophia Grigsby, Abigail Johnson, Claudia Parker
Archery Judge – McCoy DelaRosa

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King Lear Cast List

February 21-23, 2020

King Lear - TBD

Goneril - Elizabeth Ragsdale

Regan- Beth Thead

Cordelia - Rebecca Tumlinson

Kent - Matt Upton

Gloucester - Amber Rhodes

Edgar - Chance Rhodes

Edmund - Tanner Rhodes

Albany - Adam Thomas

Cornwall - Tyler Hudson

Oswald - Jared McCoy

Fool - Don Grace

Gentleman - TBD

Messenger - Kinley McClure

France - Phillip Sanders

Burgundy - TBD

Old Man - Harold Crittenden

Knight - Shannen McDonald

Captain - Phillip Sanders

Curan - Victoria Lee

Soldier - Shannen McDonald, Victoria Lee, Phillip Sanders

Servant - Shannen McDonald

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Rumors Cast List

Congratulations to the following cast members!

Ken Gorman - William Freeman
Chris Gorman - Amy Lambright
Lenny Ganz - Randy Pettus
Claire Ganz - Tori Helms
Ernie Cusack - Mark Newton
Cookie Cusack - Gail Allen
Glen Cooper - Trevor Cartony
Cassie Cooper - Kara Mobley
Office Welch - Susan Grissom
Officer Pudney - Leslie Sawyer

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Auditions For "The Case Of Humaity Vs. Pontius Pilate."

December 28 & 29, 2019

For over 2000 years, humanity has placed the blame of the death of Christ upon one man - Roman Governor Pontius Pilate. Now, in the 21'st century, Pilate is finally getting his day in court to prove once and for all that he should not be held responsible for the death of Jesus. This a modern court room drama.

DIRECTED BY - William Freeman

SHOW DATES - April 2 & 3 2020

Second Audition Date - Dec. 29 (5-7 pm) at the Shoals Theatre

Auditions will be a cold reading from the script.
CASTING - 4w, 5m, 7 either

PONTIUS PILATE - (30s) Roman Prefect of Judea. Proud, hot tempered, autocrat, of obstinate disposition. A military man all his life, he is blunt and uncomplicated, with little understanding of compassion, but drawing the respect of his office.

JOSEPH OF ARIMATHEA - (45+) Elder judge of the Jewish Sanhedrin, and a secret follower of Jesus. A just and righteous man, he is willing to consider both sides of a question. Although he speaks well and carries himself surely, he displays a tension that indicates an inner struggle.

ESTHER DAUGHTER OF JOSEPH - (18+) Devoted daughter, shy and innocent with a slightly immature manner.

NICODEMUS - (45+) Elder judge of the Jewish Sanhedrin. He is very smart, folkly, religious, law abiding, not to complicated, and realizes Jesus is the Messiah.

MARY MAGDALENE - (18+) One of Jesus' most faithful and devoted followers. Occupied a position of prominence among the women disciples. She is an intelligent and observant woman, with a serene, soft spoken, but persuasive manner.

SALOME - (40+) Sister of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and wife of Zebedee. One of Jesus' followers, she is outwardly composed, but inwardly turbulent.

ANNAS - (50+) High Priest Emeritus, the power behind the Sanhedrin. Formerly unscrupulous and hard, at the time of the play, he is a broken, bitter, moody, and remorseful man, with little regard for those about him.

CAIAPHAS - (30+) High Priest and son-in-law to Annas, a blustering, strutting, high handed braggart. He is a cunning schemer with no conscious or scruples. He is also a vain clotheshorse. Constantly imagining threats to his position, he is unsure of himself and panics at the slightest trouble.

CLAUDIA PROCULA - (25-40) Pilates wife, has the air of nobility expected from the granddaughter of Caesar. She is cultured, calm, and speaks with a firm conviction, obviously superior in intellect and energy, and reveals occasional glimmers of mischievous amusement.

BAILIFF - (18+)

JUDGE (40+)

COURT REPORTER - (18+) No dialogue.



REPORTER - (18+) (Online news/Vlogger) - Will ad-lib with audience

CAMERAMAN - (18+) (Films reporter)

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The Three Musketeers Cast List


2019 Zodiac Players Production of Ken Ludwig's "The Three Musketeers" Official Cast List

D'Artagnan - Kyle Hutcheson
Sabine - Christina Jones
Cardinal Richelieu - Will Mitchell
Porthos - David Prejeant
Aramis - LaDarius Prince
Athos - Michael Hill
Rochefort - Arielle Jones
Milady - Lucy LeMaster
Treville/Ensemble Characters - William Page
Constance/Ensemble Characters - Kara Mobley
King Louis/Ensemble Characters - Matt Osborne
Queen Anne/Ensemble Characters - Amy Shipman Lambright
Elise/Ensemble Characters - Kellee Willis

Production dates are Thursday Oct 24 -Saturday Oct 26 7:30pm; Sun Oct 27 2pm
With appearances at the Renessaisance Faire in Wilson Park!


Pocahontas Cast List

November 21-24, 2019

Wordspinner – Marianna Warner
Little Running Rabbit – Cecilia Gooch
Happy She Walks – Blake Mitchell
Singing River – Landri Kilpatrick
Aunt Morning Star – Isabella Robertson
Chief Powhatan – LaDarius Prince
Pocahontas – Danielle Cain
Brave Eagle – Landon McGee
Thundercloud – Zach Adams
Ester – Leilyn Dorton
Squirrel – Madyn Harris
Fox – Natalie Scruggs
Wolf – Garrett Cunningham
Bear -Sean Bishop
Raven – Kyndal Kilpatrick
Deer – Reed Vincent
Raccoon – Corbin Kitts
Margaret Wheeler – Ginger Lewey
Barbara – Isabella Pruitt
Carolina – Leah Johnson
Mercy – Beth Henderson
Charity – Abigail Johnson
Jeremy – Elijah Letson
Thomas – Mike Adams
Captain Smith – Blake Adams
Earth – Livvie James
Sky – Katie Powell
Water – Kaitlyn Richardson
Porcupine – Natalie Letson
Duck – Faith Letson
Owl – Nora Dalrymple
Coyote – Anna Lindsey
Indian Ensemble – Bryer Winkle, Jayne Knighten, Samantha Fulks, Jasmine Ledford, Natalie Ledford, Mattleigh Wells, Alexis Bennington
Jamestown Ensemble – Caitlyn Spurgeon, Katie Grace Michael, Marlee Sullivan, Claire Frederick, Allie Jennings
Dance Ensemble – Nora Dalrymple, Claire Frederick, Mattleigh Wells, Allie Jennings, Natalie Ledford, Alexis Bennington, Jasmine Ledford
Forest Nymphs – Sophie Isbell, Evie Rose, Molly Morris, Ellie Bradford

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Next To Normal

May 24 & 26, 2019

Auditions for NEXT TO NORMAL, the opening show of the Zodiac Players 2019-2020 season, will be held Friday, May 24th & Sunday, May 26th at 6:30 pm at the Shoals Theatre on Seminary Street in Florence. Callbacks will be held Wednesday, May 29th. Michael Green is directing and Rebecca Rockhill is musical director for this Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning musical.

Roles are available for 2 men and 1 woman (ages 30-50) and 2 men and 1 woman (ages 16-25). Those auditioning should prepare a song of their choice that shows their vocal strength and range and should provide either a CD or phone recording to audition with. There will also be a cold-reading from the script.

Production dates are September 12-15 and rehearsals will begin mid-July. For more information contact

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Beauty & The Beast

March 11, 12, & 16, 2019

Audition Information for Beauty and the Beast:

Auditions will be held at 9am on March 16, 2019 at the Shoals Theatre.

Auditions will be held on Monday, March 11th and Tuesday, March 12th at 6:00pm at the Shoals Theatre for PRINCIPAL character roles. 

Belle (appears to be 18-25)- good singer, soprano/mezzo soprano, some dancing skills

Beast (appears to be 18 or older)- good singer, baritone, some dancing skills

Gaston (18 or older)- good character singer and dancer

Maurice (30 or older)- good singer, baritone

Cogsworth(30 or older)- ensemble singer

Mrs. Potts (18 or older)-great singer mezzo/alto, must move well onstage

Lumiere (15 or older)- energetic, character singer with a great French accent

Chip (8-12) boy or girl ensemble singer, dancer

Babette (15 or older)- French accent, must move well on stage

Madame DeLa Grande Bouche (18 or older)- operatic singer, some dancing

Lefou (15 or older)- tenor, good singer, some dancing

Monsieur D’argue (30 or older)- good singer

If necessary, call backs will be held on Monday, March 18, 2019.

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Best Little Whorehouse In Texas Auditions

Janurary 26 & 27, 2019

From The Director:

Announcing the cast for "Best Little Whorehouse In Texas”

I am thrilled to announce this amazing cast. Read through will be in February. Thanks to everyone who auditioned.

Miss Mona : Stangley Anna Gibson
Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd: Christopher Spencer
Melvin P. Thorpe: Benny Steadman 
Governor : Andy Betterton
Narrator : Mark Newton
Doatsey Mae : Brianna Watkins 
Mayor Rufus Poindexter : David Vann
Edsel Mackey : Keith Rhodes
C.J. Scruggs : Ronnie Green
Senator Wingwoah : Jay Paul Chase
Shy : Maggie Stewart
Jewel: McKenzie Gordon
Angel : Julie King
Linda Lou : Melanie Dickens
Dawn : Lucy Lemaster
Ginger : Salena Fugate
Beatrice : Shanda Davidson 
Durla : Petra Pack
Stephanie Daniel : Ruby Rae
Eloise : Sara Allen 
Taddy Jo : Tori Helms

LaDarius Prince
Charlie Parker 
Blake Bradford 
Michael Hill 
Adam Thomas 

Doggett Choir : 
Connie Clayton , Jessica Dawkins , Sarah Gorsych, William Page, Dylan Bales , Mark Newton
Wulla Jean : TBA


The Enchanted Bookshop Cast List

December 9-10, 2018

Margie - Jennifer Kilpatrick
Bombalurina - Elvie Rose
Mom - Connie Clayton
Timmy - Aegan Marquardt
Robin Hood - Jackson Harvey
Tom Sawyer - Garrett Cunningham
Sherlock Holmes - Aaron Marquardt
Toto - Marley Jacques
Dorothy - Nora Dalrymple
Heidi - Cayson Allen
Pollyanna - Landri Kilpatrick
Book Fairy - Katie Grace Michael
Lady In Red - Kyndal Kilpatrick
Fagin - Walker Barnett
Long John Silver - Cody Woodfin
Officer Ketchum - Donna Duncan
Fingers (A Jewel Smuggler) - Macy Ladner
Eddie (Another Jewel Smuggler) - Tyler Hudson
Doctor Doolittle - Robert Atkins
Queen of Hearts - Brooke Cartony
Frankenstein - Hayden LaVecchia
Wicked Witch Of The West - Sammi Goodwin
Hopalong Cassidy - Drew McKinnon
Famous Book Character TBA - Logan Kilpatrick
Famous Book Character TBA - Sydney Jacques
Famous Book Character TBA - Abigail Johnson
Famous Book Character TBA - Katie Konig
Famous Book Character - Landon McGee
Famous Book Character TBA - Anna Neal  
Famous Book Character TBA - McKenna Cristler
Famous Book Character TBA - Eli Dunstan


Much Ado About Nothing Cast List

February 15-17, 2019

From the director - Much Ado About Nothing Cast List:


CONRADE……………….... TBD

Thank you to all who auditioned. I will be in touch with a Group Facebook message about an upcoming meeting.

ElfJr (1).jpg

Elf! The Musical Jr. Cast List

September 3, 2018

We were so impressed by the amount of talented auditionees we saw last week for Elf Jr! Over 100 of you auditioned and it took us a lot of time to narrow it down to the actual cast list. Many of our decisions came down to conflicts with our rehearsal and performance schedule. That being said, if you were not cast, PLEASE come audition for our next show!

Jovie: Addison Credille

Walter Hobbs: Preston Lumpkins

Micheal Hobbs: Drew McKinnon

Buddy: Carter Ramos

Emily Hobbs: Savannah Berryman

Mr. Greenway/policeman1: Samuel Lumpkins

Manager: Tyler Haskovec

Santa: Robert McMasters

Deb: Lynea Cochran

Fake Santa/ passerby: Sean Bishop

Jogger: Owen Flynn

Teenager: Sydney Kelley

Flyer girl 1: Linley Jackson

Flyer girl 2: Ally McGee

Security guard 1: Caleb Price

Security guard 2: Garrett Cunningham

Business woman: Julia Cochran

Saleswoman: Abby Creekmore

Charlotte Denton: Emma Hodges

Santa’s helper: Madyn Harris

Emma Van Brocklin: Isabella Teal

Darlene Lambert: Madi McGee

Chadwick: Owen Hood

Sarah: Brooke Cartony

Matthews: Mason Hodges

Policewoman 2: Leah Strickland

Sam: Maddie Olson Comforting

New Yorker: Caroline Barber

Shawanda: Sophia Saylor

Charlie: Connor Gooch

Elf 1: Anna Neal

Elf 2: Cooper Hanbery

Elf 3: Allie Jennings

Elf 4: Charli Givens

Elf 5: Landon McGee

Additional elves: Natalie Lindsey, Maddie Brown, Ginger Lewey, Mya Brady

Macy’s employees: Abby Wilson, Samantha Fulks, June Steadman, Mara Craft

ArsenicandOldLace (1).jpg

Arsenic & Old Lace Cast List

January 17-20, 2019

From the director, the cast list for Arsenic & Old Lace is as follows:

Martha Brewster - Gail Brooks Allen
Abby Brewster - Barbara Hendricks
Mortimer Brewster - Jared McCoy
Jonathan Brewster - Mark Keeton
Teddy Brewster - David House
Dr. Einstein - Don Grace
Elaine Harper - Abigail Coats
Reverend Harper - Scott Coats
Officer O’Harra - Jacob Adams
Lt Rooney - Leigh Daniels
Officer Brophy - Joel “Spud” Mitchell
Dr. Witherspoon - Patrick Hampton
Officer Klein - Laura-Ashley Foster 
Mr. Gibbs - TBA