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Giving Tuesday at The Shoals Theatre

The Shoals Community Theatre's current home, The Shoals Theater, originally opened it's doors on October 21, 1948. This year marks 70 years of operation for the building. As such, time has taken it's toll and repairs are needed. This past summer, we had not one, but two  A/C units go out with repairs that topped $40,000+. The first, and biggest, expense fell to the large heating and air unit that sits atop the Shoals Theatre and controls the temperature in the theater itself. This unit had to be custom built and delivered via tractor trailer then placed atop the Theatre by two cranes from Birmingham, AL. The second A/C expense fell to the small unit that heats and cools the theatre offices as vandals had damaged the unit over time causing it to cease functioning.  Along with these two very large expenses, the theatre has seen repairs to electrical conduits, lighting, bathroom/plumbing, building structure, and more! These expenses add up over time and the theatre has been lucky to have the funds to cover them to this point. Future plans for the theatre include updating the sound and lighting, installing a professional projector to show movies, upgrades to the seating, set shop design and repair, bathroom upgrades, seating expansion in the balcony, and more. Our goal is to do these repairs and upgrades as quickly as possible while fixing issues and honoring the historical value and appeal of the Theatre building. This #GivingTuesday, consider giving to the Shoals Community Theatre!



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The Shoals Theatre's Impact

Exactly what does the Shoals Theatre provide?

Our Mission Statement:

The Shoals Community Theatre is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to enrich, educate, and entertain our community by providing a superior theatre experience. We seek to stimulate, celebrate, and enhance a better understanding of ourselves and others through the shared experience of live theatre. We also strive to create and maintain a world-class venue for concerts, meetings, events, and, eventually, movies.

In order to appreciate our endeavors (That have lead to the Shoals Theatre being mentioned in magazines such as "Rolling Stone", "Southern Living", "VIE Magazine", "Pop Matters", and more!), take a look at some numbers for this year.

Since January 1st, 2018, the Shoals Theatre has hosted thirty 30 productions. Of those 30 events, 17 were Shoals Theatre productions. We can break this number down even further. Of those 17 productions we had:

7 theatrical productions, 

7 concerts, 

1 Stanley Awards production, a theatre awards show, and 1 theatre patrons party. 

Our theatrical productions saw a combined run of 33 days of public performances as well as  9 days of school performances for a total of 42 days. Our public theatrical performances have been attended by 6,944 individuals and our school performances have been seen by 1321  students for a total of 8,130 attending Shoals Theatre produced theatre. We also played host to one theatrical production that was not sponsored by the theatre. This 1  night production saw an attendance of 150. That means a combined total of 7,564 people have attended a theatrical production at the Shoals Theatre. Remember, these numbers represent attendance since January! This weekend during our production of Elf! Jr. The Musical, we surpassed the 50,000 attendees mark for our Gingerbread Theatre Group since moving their productions into the Theatre in 2008!

Our Shoals Theatre produced concerts have seen a total of 3,073 individuals coming to see artists spanning genres as diverse as  such country, blues, jazz, rock, Americana, soul, orchestra, and more! In addition to Shoals Theatre produced concerts, the Shoals has been the host venue for another 7 concerts which saw a total of 4,016 attendees. This means that a combined total of 7,089 people have attended a concert at the Shoals Theatre since January! We still have 1 more Shoals Theatre produced concert (Paul Thorn) and 4 more concerts that we are hosting (John Berry, Lenny Leblanc, The Secret Sisters, & Tyler Childers.) So these numbers will climb even higher!

We haven't just staged concerts  and theatrical productions this year. Our Theatre Patron's party and 2018-2019 theatrical season release event was attended by over 300 people back in July. That was followed up by our 2nd Annual Stanley awards where over 300 people showed up to honor those in the theatrical arts with an event similar to the Emmy's. The Shoals Theatre also played host to the annual Shoals Storytelling Festival where 650+ people attended and spent three days listening to some of the best storytellers in the nation. 

A quick addition shows us that 16,754 people have passed through the doors of the Shoals Community Theatre since Janurary of 2018. We look forward to adding to the numbers in the last weeks of 2018, and hope that the number will greatly increase in 2019. Thank you to everyone who is included in our attendance so far.  If you aren't in that number, we invite you to join us for your first visit soon!

What Impact Does The Shoals Theatre Have?

Here's what real people are saying:

I met my husband in 8th grade in 1964 at Appleby Jr. High. Some months later we were at the Shoals Theater seeing Elvis in The Roustabout. Somewhere in there he got up the courage to lean in for a brief and sweet first kiss. Needless to say, the Shoals Theater holds a special place in my heart! (Married 47 years to the guy who gave me that sweet first kiss)

Anne R.

Christmas Gift


Beth Henderson - $20

Robert ONeill - $25

Jayne Chase - $100

Janet Cartee - $50

Laura Connolly - $25

Dan & Patty Hughes - $100

Mary Lynn Frazier - $100

Anonymous - $100

Virginia Finzel - $50

Mary Ellen Killen - $50

Phil Abroms - $5

Jodi Sample - $100

Annette Harmon - $10

Current Total - $735

There is still time to donate! We will be running our fundraising campaign until December 31st! Visit our Facebook Fundraiser or click donate below to make a donation!